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The Xinjiang Uyghur "Autonomous" Region of China seems to be run properly as an autonomous area by appointing an Uyghur to be a governor. However, no practical autonomy is given to ethnic minorities including Uyghur. The Uyghur governor is just nominal, and the political power actually belongs to the Xinjiang Communist Party Chief which has been occupied by Chinese people all the time.

Additionally, marriage with Han people is encouraged for the purpose of ethnic assimilation for minorities, the number of children is limited (Family Planning) for population control, and it is estimated that there have been millions of victims for forcible abortion. Traditional cultures of ethnic minorities have been also destroyed; many activities, for instance, activities of Islam which they believe and publications about their own histories or cultures, are strongly restricted. As one of the Assimilation Planning, Chinese Communist Party has been leading immigration of Chinese people to East Turkistan. The ethnos of Uyghur is about to be wiped out of existence!

There are lots of natural resources such as oil and coal in East Turkistan, but most of them are ripped off to central cities of China and passes no benefit to ethnic minorities living in East Turkistan. In addition, a number of nuclear experiments have been conducted just next to the residential area of ethnic minorities. A lot of people are suffering from radiation poisoning.

The people, who claimed objection against such cruel controls by Chinese government, have been labeled as separationist or terrorist and sent to jails or forced labor camps without any proper deliberation procedure.

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