Children abducted from East Turkistan forced into theft

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"Assessment of Uyghur Street Children in Inland China", Phoenix Weekly Issue 17, 2007, Written by Lai Dan and Muzappar Qurban

Children abducted from East Turkistan forced into theft - What's happening in East Turkistan

On July 2011, the video that showed adults beating a Uyghur child being caught by theft gathered attention.

Kids get his hand crushed in China
China -The child is maltreated to another race in China.

And many others were uploaded.

The original video seems to be posted on and it is not determined if the child was a Uyghur who got caught by theft, yet it is considerable so from the social issue of East Turkistan and throughout China.
In East Turkistan that a fact children are abducted and sold in Chinese urban regions to be forced into theft by professional groups is being a serious problem.
The official number of the Uyghur children forced to be thieves that Xinjiang salvation management reported was 4000 but it is estimated there are more number of victims.

There are a number of children abducted so young that they do not remember their homes and those children cannot be returned home even the police get them under protection.
The police hesitate to catch Uyghur thieves as it can be led to 'ethnic issue' and the language barrier makes it even more difficult.
For those reasons, the police have no choice but to hand over the children to the head of the theft group claiming himself as the guardian.

Since the police are unable to deal with the matter, the residents organize anti-theft groups and punish the children who committed theft with violence. They beat the children relentlessly and many children even get killed.
It is considered the video above shows the residents enforcing the sanctions.

 * The article is written on the estimation that the Child is Uyghur since he obviously does not look like Han and it is clear the video was taken in China though the location or date is unknown.

The fact that there are a lot of Uyghur criminals in urban cities in China makes Hans have prejudice against Uyghurs by necessity.

As an article says 'The author noticed that a lot of Hans have hard feelings against Dalai Lama but not for Tibetans and Tibet itself is a Mecca for sightseeing. Hans think South Mongolians are suffering from poverty yet they do not have much bad feelings against them. On the other hand, they have a huge prejudice against Uyghurs and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region', you can see the feelings against Uyghurs are going negative compare to Tibetans and Mongolians.

The scenery that grown up Hans assaulting a Uyghur child in the video above can be considered as Hans' condensed contempt against ethnic minorities and prejudice towards Uyghurs.

As for the presumable resolution, they can tighten up on the policing, hire Uyghur policemen to handle Uyghur children and make organization to locate children's homes and return them.

According to the report of Department of public security in Xinjiang released on July 2011, the special operation detected 66 kidnapping groups, detained 332 suspects and rescued 138 minors. However it is still not good enough as there are a few thousands of victims all over China waiting to be rescued.

While the government organizes the measurement to rescue children, we need support from conscientious Hans living in urban area in China.
It must be impossible to rescue those miserable children unless the Hans dealing directly with those Uyghur thieves accept it as a social issue that must be resolved, not as a matter to be dealt with violent sanctions.

 * ’Special thanks to a friend who helped with spelling Uyghur names’

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