China's nuclear tests in Silk Road and Japan's task

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Symposium "China's nuclear tests in Silk Road and Japan's task"
There is a report uploaded on Uyghur Hotline.

There are a several countries that possess nuclear weapons and that have conducted the nuclear weapon tests. Yet, China is the only country that carried out the extensive atmospheric nuclear test on residential area. The nuclear tests were carried out without any concern of the ramification that the tests would surely bring.
China conducted 46 nuclear tests between 1964-1996 near Loulan in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (East Turkistan). The combined output was 20 megaton and it caused deadly health damage and environmental contamination.
At the symposium, Japanese scientists and Uyghur physician will read out their reports on the damages caused by the nuclear tests. We will discuss and think about the issue of nuclear victims in China and Japan's task in the international society on the basis of the reports.

【Place】 Constitutional Government Memorial Hall 1-1-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【Date and Time】 18 March 2009 Doors open at 17:30 meeting starts from 18:30 and closes at 20:30
【Cost of data】 1000 yen
【Lectures】1. "China's nuclear disaster and its controversial points" by Mr.Jun Takada Sc.D.
2. "Research on health effects" by Mr. Enwer Tohti MD
3. "Task of Japan" by Mr. Genki Fujii Scholar of International politics
4. Comments from each organization
【Host】 Representative of World Uyghur Congress/President of Japan Uyghur Association Ilham Mexmut
【Supporters】 Radiation Protection Information Centre, Radiation Protection Medical Society, Kuretakekai, Ilham Cheering Party
【Refference】  Radiation Protection Information Centre
        World Uyghur Congress
        Ilham Cheering Party
        Peace and Liberty for East Turkistan
【Lecturers】 Mr. Jun Takada, President of Radiation Protection Information Centre, Professor of Sapporo Medical University
        Mr. Enwer Tohti, President of Uyghur U.K. Association
        Mr. Genki Fujii Scholar of International Politic

President of Japan Uyghur Association, Ilham Mexmut
TEL:03-3815-7815 FAX:03-3815-7816

About the Nuclear Test Disasters in East Turkistan/Uyghur

China's nuclear test and its damages were veiled. China conducted 46 nuclear tests that count 20 megaton of output in Lop Nur in East Turkistan from 1964 to 1996. China first carried out 20 kilotons of atmospheric nuclear test on 16 October in 1964 and they conducted 2 megatons atmospheric nuclear test in 1967. The largest atmospheric nuclear test was 4 megaton and it was launched on 17 November 1976. They conducted atmospheric testing until 1980 and they conducted underground testing from 1982 to 1996. Chinese government neither disclosed the damages nor made a field investigation and people did not know how much damage was made.
Prof Jun Takada from Sapporo Medical University analyzed the data he gathered in Kazakhstan in 2008 and the dead are estimated more than 190,000 and the bomb survivors are estimated more than 1,290,000. This research content was published as "China's Nuclear Test" for the first time in the world.

The atmospheric nuclear test has the larger nuclear damages compare to the other nuclear tests as long lived fission products get mixed up with the substance on the earth surface (such as sand) and fall on to the ground or fly away with the wind to spread the damage widely. Chinese government has been conducting such dangerous nuclear test on Uyghurs' residential area.
Kazakhstan, 1000 km away from Lop Nur has detected the amount of radiation that harms human's health. Nuclear tests were carried out until 1996 and yet it is considered that Uyghurs are suffering from health damages and the environmental damages are not healed yet. Chinese government's immediate information disclosure and remedy for the victims are desired.

About "Death on the silk road"
In East Turkistan, where the nuclear tests were carried out, the incidences of cancer and weird disease are higher than other regions. It is considered as the effect from the nuclear tests. On July and August 1998, Channel 4 TV station in England aired a documentary called "Death on the silk road". The person made the field investigation is Mr.Enwer Tohti, the Uyghur medical doctor and President of Uyghur U.K. Association.

Mr. Enwer visited villages in East Turkistan as a TV crew of Channel 4 and had health study on the people who were suspected to be bombed. Chinese government conducted the nuclear test when the wind blew from east to west in order to avoid the nuclear influence in inland. This caused a number of long lived fission products to flew away to the west. Indeed there were villages where the all the babies suffered from cleft lip and palate or babies with prematurebrains. As China neither publicize the damages nor hold a field investigation, the bomb survivors have been neglected for more than 40 years.
As Japan is the first country victimized by the atomic bomb and also as the leader of the freedom and democracy in Asia, we have to support the 3 ethnic groups to make Chinese government to hold atomic sanitary measure and fund the security for the victims of the nuclear test.

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