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About the Saving East Turkistan Project. bookmark

Q. What are your objectives?

To stop the tragedy going on in East Turkistan by letting you know the reality.

Firstly, we want more people to know the devastation in East Turkistan.

Then, through this enlightenment as a mass opinion , we want to put pressure on Chinese government from both home and abroad to stop the suppression in East Turkistan.

Though our wish is to stop the suppression, we do not blindly support the independence by military means.

Q. Who are you?

Volunteers got to know about East Turkistan on the internet.

We are normal members of the society working and studying.

Our main activities at this stage are gathering and summarizing the information of affairs in East Turkistan from various documents including news, and spreading this matter on internet etc.

Q. Do you have any support from organizations like East Turkistan Government in exile?

We are not supported by any organization.

Including East Turkistan government in exile, we are not supported by any organization in Japan or abroad.
Management fee of this web site is also raised from our personal funds.

Q. Do you consent to the independence of East Turkistan?

We cannot consent easily.

We have discussions both for and against.
It is difficult to say "we consent to the independence" easily as even among Uyghurs living in East Turkistan, there are some hoping to cope with China peacefully.
Our basic stance is that, we cannot consent to the independence simply if it involves military action.

About the suppression in East Turkistan. bookmark

Q. Is it true that there have been a few mi?s of victims?

We firmly believe it is highly possible regarding to various references.

Judging from a numerous information including testimonies of refugees from East Turkistan, Uyghur bodies all over the world, United Nations, International human rights organizations, newspaper, books and so on, we are convinced that there is an intense suppression going on there.
For the numbers of victims, we cannot grasp the correct number as it is blocked by Chinese government, we are determined that it is numerous.
The number of victims we claim to be a few million includes the foetuses that have been forcibly aborted. There may be people feeling odd counting the aborted foetuses, but we take the Islamic perspective in which people in East Turkistan have faith and we judge that they should be counted as victims.

Q. Is this not a domestic autonomous problem like Basque Provinces in Spain or Kurd in Turkey?

The two countries had suppression from the mass opinion and put efforts on reforming the problems.

There is a requirement called "Copenhagen Criteria" on joining European Union. Spain fulfilled it at joining and Turkey is putting effort on reforming to join European Union.
Romany problem in Czech has been also improved taking "Copenhagen Criteria".
In 2002, Turkey had a constitutional amendment to allow Kurd to have their ethnic folkways and education.

Q. Is this not an interference of Chinese domestic affairs?

As it is clearly stated that affiliate countries "respect and preserve human rights" in Charter of United Nations, this is not a mere interference of domestic affairs.

Though there is no legal obligation for the affiliate countries, by Chapter one of the Charter of United Nations and various convention of human rights, it is obliged to have effort on improvement.
China is especially ratifying the "International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination"

But what is the actual condition?
China has submitted implemented status report of the "International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination" a several times. The deliberation of Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) held in 1996 shows a number of questions on the report and misgivings on the implementation.

Moreover, not only the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs of United States House of Representatives and "Human Rights Annual Report 2004", but also international human rights bodies like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch mention the suppression of East Turkistan in China.

It is that People's Republic of China, not only an affiliate of United Nations, but also a permanent member of United Nations Security Council, neglects the duty.
As it is mentioned by international organization, it is not a mere diplomatic affair of China, but it is a problem of China neglecting the international duty.

Q. Why such a terrible matter is not disclosed in Japan?

It is considered that effect of "Agreement of Reporters Exchange between China and Japan".

On the Normalization of Diplomatic Relation between China and Japan, following requirements were made on Japanese publicity reporting about China.

The media are not hostile to China
The media will not issue commentaries that support independence of Taiwan
The media shall not hinder the diplomatic normalization between China and Japan

We consider the media in Japan, especially the major ones, are influenced by the agreement.

What can we do for? bookmark

Q. What can we do to help?

We want you to know this matter deeper and pass it on to people around you.

Firstly, we want you to understand that this problem is very complicated and delicate.

The treatment of minor ethnic in East Turkistan has been changing following the time, social background and political policy since governed by China.
Though it is a mere affectation, China takes a public stance that seems considerate by approving autonomy for various sizes of minor ethnic and giving privilege for them. However these institutions and legislations are incorporated arbitrarily and they hold serious problems at the effectiveness.

The tyrannized minor ethnic in East Turkistan has people with different opinions. Some daring to gain the independence, some accepting the condition to cope with China.

Nonetheless infringement of human rights and assimilation planning going on there are surely the acute problem for the entire human race to settle.
We must transmit the voices of those suppressed and evocate the consensus to change the situation. But as for reality, there are only few people know this problem in Japan. That is why we need your help.
We want you to pass on this reality to people around you. You do not have to rise you voice loudly, you can just mention this in everyday conversation.

Q. Where should I particularly discase?

To governments, ministers involved and people around you.

Not only the mass media bounded by the "Agreement of Reporters Exchange between China and Japan", but there are a number of politicians and government authorities ignore human rights problems including Tast Turkistan problem considering the diplomatic relations with China.
But Japan is a democratic country.
With the consensus of the citizens and needs of consumers the opinionated politicians and mass medias will have no choice but to take it seriously.
Let us send them our voices by e-mail, telephone and letters.
And the most important this is to let people around you know this matter. This will help us rise the consensus.

Q.Is there any other way of disseminating this problem?

We want you to spread this matter by taking it on your web page or weblog.

As you have found this web page and got to know this problem, now we want you to spread it.
Chinese government seems to understand the effectiveness of spreading information on the internet. Increasing strictness of censorship of internet shows it.

Q. Is there any fund-rise?

It is held by East Turkistan Government in exile, The International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation and so on.

Donations are accepted by International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation and East Turkistan Government in exile as needed base.

International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation is an organization hosted by the Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 2005 and 2006, Rebiye Qadir. Their activities are especially to stop the abuse for female and children including forced abortion.

East Turkistan government in exile is supporting the living of East Turkistan refugees in Turkey and disseminate activities under the management of Uyghur Taro, who transmit the tragedy in East Turkistan in Japanese, Uyghur and Turkish languages. Please refer to the report of supported funds account.

Currently we are just observing it as there is a cautions opinions for the direct support. For the donation, please act on your judgement.

Q.' What else can I do?'

Please take parts in events concerning this matter.

On 12th November, the National Foundation day of Republic of East Turkistan, they hold East Turkistan independence memorial events. Last year, Honored Consulate of East Turkistan government in exile in Japan and Tonooka Office held memorial events in Tokyo and Osaka.

Peace March seems to be made on 10th March for the memorial of Lhasa uprising.
Alternatively, boycott for importing the products manufactured by inhumane forced labour in prisons and forced labor camps is active mainly in the US. We hope the inclination to avoid Chinese farm products form the food safe perspective in Japan will gradually change into the human right perspective.

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