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East Turkistan is located in Central Asia and it is 2,400 km away from Beijing. The oasis, pockmarked in the penumbra of desert since ancient times, had cities prospered and took a important part on Silk Road. Silk Road was divided into three and they were Tian Shan North Route, Tian Shan South Route and Western Regions South Route. It was a place where eastern and western culture intercommunicated and at the same time nurtured its original history and culture.

East Turkistan is located in the middle of Eurasia continent. It is the area framed in by high mountains and furthest away from the sea in the whole world. It is neighbouring with Kazakhstan and Russia on north, Mongolia on northeast, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan on west, Afghanistan and Pakistan on southwest, Tibet and India on south and China on east.

It has a typical inland climate, less rainfall and radical temperature difference between day and night. Spring and Autumn seasons are very short while summer and winter seasons are long. Even during the summer time, jumper may be required in some areas. In the winter time, its minimum temperature reaches minus twenty degrees Celsius.

The land there is parted in two by Altay Mountains on north, Tian Shan Mountains in the middle and Kunlun Mountains in south west. The area below Tian Shan is Tarim Basin, that holds the desert, Taklamakan in the centre. Dzungaria located between Altay Mountains and Tian Shan Mountains has more rain falls comparatively and therefore leafy prairies are formed there.
It is endowed with natural resources including mineral resources like oil and gas, agricultural products and animal products.

It is Turkistan resided by Turks where the original culture, not the Chinese, has nurtured and Islam has been practiced.
Turkistan is divided in east and west by the Pamir Mountains. The nations of the West Turkistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan gained independence with the fragmentation of Soviet Union. When is the moment that East Turkistan achieves the ardent objective of independence coming?
China has formed Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) to noose around East Turkistan in order to strengthen the operative force against West Turkistan.

History of East Turkistan

Culture of East Turkistan

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