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An update history

5/Sep/2011 added "Children abducted from East Turkistan forced into theft" and "Assessment of Uyghur Street Children in Inland China" to About suppression and .

6/Jan/2009 added "Ms. Rabiye Kadeer visits Japan" and Reports on lectures in Tokyo, Shimane, Osaka, Yamaguchi and Hokkaido.

15/Sep/2008 added "Demonstration against Olympic of Human-Rights Abuse and Human Sacrifice" to Report

6/Sep/2008 added a "new illust" on Library

5/Sep/2008 added "East Turkistan World Wide Demonstration" to Report

4/Sep/2008 added "Extortion of Resources" and "Undeserved Arrests, Detention and Death Punishment" to About suppression

15/Jul/2008 added "Ethnic Assimilation" and "Process of Ethnic Policy" to About suppression

23/Apr/2008 added "Tohti, the student detained unjustly" to About suppression

20/Apr/2008 added a "new illust" on Library

23/Nov/2007 Added "Culture of East Turkistan" to History and Cultuer

09/Sep/2007 Renewal Open! (English site -> CMS)

29/aug/2007 Test site open

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